Big Sur -- 5/18

So, here we are at the end of 2018.

Kristina and I went on our first real trip together, longer than a single day back in may.

We had decided to do Big Sur, and spend some time around the Central Coast of California, over memorial day weekend. We booked a couple nights in a strange town in the middle of nowhere at your standard motel 8 (King City, I think) and chose to close out the weekend at a nice Bnb in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Our first day, our escape from LA if you will, took us first to Santa Barbra, where we saw the courthouse, the wharf, and grabbed lunch.

We then made our way to the Hearst Castle, where we took the bus up the mountain, which was nothing short of stunning. Honestly, I’m surprised more movies haven’t started with that trip.

I’m honestly more surprised that more movies haven’t been made about Hearst himself, or the castle.

Anyway. The tour (we took the great rooms tour) and the Castle grounds itself are, if you’re taking a trip in that area, totally mandatory.

After we finished up the trip around the grounds, we headed to our hotel in King City, which seemed fairly interesting, or just kinda odd, but rather than explore it, we headed straight out to Big Sur itself, via a back road through a military base and up the mountain, then back down it. I still need to re-scan my 120 film from that bit. Oh well.

Anyway, we spent the next two days going on small hikes and driving around Big Sur, got a nice dinner and headed home on the monday, and fought some really ugly traffic back for the weekend.

When I got back, I had more film that I knew what to do with to develop. It’s actually how I ended up breaking my first paterson tank. For the Bnw stuff I shot, I stand developed it in Rodinal. I sent my film off to the lab fairly quickly. I’m pretty sure they’re sick of me by now for sending in way way too many rolls of bulk-loaded fuji pro 160s in 35mm. Luckily I’m done with that. For now. You can see my review of the film (pro 160s) here.

Anyway If you’ve enjoyed these photos and my content (ie reviews or blogs) consider picking up a zine in the shop.