Hermosa Beach -- Kodak Photo Walk -- 4/18

Andrew (AKA the photo-game Hank Hill) back here again to drop another e-zine.

Kristina (my girlfriend, who will be referred to by name from now on, because it’s getting kinda old/creepy referring to her only as “my girlfriend”) and I had gone to the LA Independent Art Book fair earlier that day, and decided it might be fun to go to the photowalk Kodak was sponsoring later on in the afternoon, and spend some time around Hermosa Beach. So we ended up getting there kinda (not really) early and ended up driving around for a bit looking for a spot to park in for the rest of the afternoon. Anyway, we parked, and made our way over to the Surfer Statue by the pier, which was the designated meetup point.

We ended up walking right past the group, and onto the pier which is where that first block of photos is from. Kristina and I looped back to find a small group of people starting to gather, so we went over and introduced ourselves. More people slowly started showing up a bit later, including Pete Halvorsen — who was leading the walk, and soon it was a pretty sizable group of people.

Once Steve, the Kodak rep, showed up they (he and Pete) called everyone together to just kinda introduce themselves and say what camera they were shooting. Pretty chill, kind of a nice social anxiety breaker. Anyway, once the walk started everyone bum-rushed Steve to get their free film — at which point Kristina and I hung back and kept our distance because a roll of free film isn’t worth fighting over like that (not that I normally would turn down free film — I just didn’t wanna crowd the guy any more than he already was). Pete led the walk down through that central boardwalk area, around along the main-street and through some residential area. I had a nice-enough conversation with somebody about Minolta cameras (I was of course, shooting the XD-11) and the guy had a Minolta X-700. I think he might actually have been a Los Angeles Photo Alliance guy, and I feel really bad if I just can’t remember him or haven’t put it together. I think it was one of the first days I used my 24mm to abuse the properties of a wide angle, and also to use it as my standard walk-around lens.

The most Trifiling.

It was overall, a pretty chill photowalk, and gave me my favorite street photography image of the year to the right (or above for mobile). If I tried that, I’m 90% certain Kristina would’ve probably pushed me off that ledge.

We met a small group of guys out for the walk with their 8-year-old nephew, who they also gave a film camera. They seemed to be having a pretty good time. One of them had a Minolta Maxxum/Dynax 7, which I thought was pretty cool, and asked me about my XD-11 and Kristina’s XE-7

The walk was starting to wrap up, and everyone was moving back towards the pier. I ended up starting a conversation with Pete on how he got into travel photography on a professional level, because it’s a career path I’m genuinely interested in. Around this time, or a bit before I ended up mooching a roll of Ektar from Kristina because I’d run out of Ultramax, and didn’t wanna shoot the HP5+ I had, because y’know, it was a Kodak photowalk.

Anyway, the sun went down, and the group dispersed. I reeled off the rest of my Ektar in the sunset, and looked around, hoping nobody I loaded up some HP5+. I closed out the day with some more black and white landscape photography, and once we finished up shooting, and Kristina and I went and got some dinner nearby and went home.

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