Maine -- 7/18

Here is the 35mm photojournal from my first trip back to Maine bringing Kristina with me. Also the first time I’ve ever brought someone back to the miserable hinterlands with me.

Typically I shoot for early to late august to take my trip home but this year, I ended up going the week or so after the fourth of July.

At this particular point in the year, I’d doubled down on running through my rolls of Fuji Pro160s, and making a commitment to Bergger Pancro 400. I’m 95% sure that almost everything here was shot on a 24mm, specifically the Minolta Rokkor 24mm F.28 MD-X .

At any rate, I’m slowly processing and scanning the 120 rolls for a more complete, real zine, but until then I’m hosting the 35mm background shots I shot while doing the bigger main narrative shots on 120 through the Pentax 6x7.

Honestly these photos are what sold me hard on the Bergger Pancro 400, and on the Fuji 160NS as my favorite film for cool toned environments.

The main shooting I did was at and around Acadia National Park (all over), and Portland Head Light.

Anyway, thanks for reading and taking a look at the photos.

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