Point Vicente -- 2017/2018 -- Mixed Format

Breaking from tradition for my first post in 2019,

I’m putting two trips, and two (three? — does 220 still count as 120?) formats together.

This was, to my recollection the first trip or drive Kristina and I took together.

I was a different person then. Definitely a different photographer.

I used to carry around 3 Minolta XD11 Bodies all preloaded. That day I shot my 24mm, 135mm, 50mm, and 85mm. I shot Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Ultramax 400, and Delta 100.

I'm not proud of that. I’m not super proud of a lot of these photos. But I feel like they’re an important chapter. Or notable turning point.

The black and whites I do actually really like. I don’t love Delta 100 as I’ve mentioned before, but this is, by my own reckoning some of my favorite stuff I shot on it, when I was in my Delta 100 period.

The second trip, I shot Kodak gold in my 35mm, I think, I can’t honestly remember. It was color film and it was cheap. I did definitely run it through the Minolta SRT 102, and metered by eye. I Stuck pretty much entirely with the Pentax 6x7 MLU for everything else once we got to the cliffs.

Anyway, like a year later, probably more like six to 6-8 months, I was out with a grip of 120/220 film, and trying to see what I could get the Pentax 6x7 to do. I shot some on the highway as we were headed down to the beach or cliffs. I used a smattering of Pro 160 NS in 220 and Provia in 120 to capture the sunset.

I also shot a couple rolls of Delta 100, but I’m not sure exactly when in the set I did. I actually only just now got around to scanning it now in the last week.

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