Trona Pinnacles --- 6/17

The Trona Pinnacles:

The Pinnacles are a strange and remote geological formation up in the mountain desert far beyond Palmdale and Antelope valley, near Trona, in San Bernadino County. I think this was the first real road trip I took with my girlfriend, back in June of 2017. I had a vicious sore throat at the time. We grabbed a nap that night before taking off early to catch the sunrise (it’s a 3hr Drive from LA — actually on the way to Death Valley if you’re inclined to stack your trips together). I accidentally fell asleep in the car while she drove, and we also listened to Pretty Girls Like Trap Music for the first time together.

I really like the the look of the land out there in and beyond Palmdale with the warping hills and valleys, etc. — Just look at my Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve Zine for an example.

At this point I was 35mm only, and was testing Delta 100 alongside Acros, and using some Portra 160 and Ultramax 400 (like 20 rolls of it? — thanks Continental Photo) to round out my film lineup. I shot it on three different pre-loaded Minolta XD bodies (cringe) and my normal 24-50-85 set of lenses.

I don’t think I’ve been anywhere more alien or desolate — and that’s including both Death Valley and Joshua Tree. Walking around here was like walking on the moon, except with a little more scrub. On the long dirt road into the formation itself, we did see train tracks, and a few abandoned train cars — Only adding to the aura of desolation. Honestly when we were walking around it was downright unsettling just to hear a car go by miles off — there’s nothing there to block the sound from carrying — let alone possibly see another person (which we did not.)

Anyway, I posted a few of these to my Instagram back before I started putting everything in white borders — so they were removed, but they are by far, some of my favorite photos of 2017 — and maybe even to date. I just wish I’d thought to put it all up in blocks or in a more serialized format in the first place.

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