Huntington Library (i) -- 12/17

Before 2017 ended I made a last play to produce a last image set. (I had planned on going shoot around Portland, again, but it was so goddamn cold I could barely get out of bed. That might’ve been like 50-75% crippling depression, but zero and sub zero temperatures didn’t help.)

I woke up at 1pm that afternoon, grabbed my camera bag, and two Japan Camera Hunter boxes of film. About half of my rolls were Fomapan or Arista 200 (it’s the same film.) I had some Acros, and Rollei Ortho 25. I think I had some Delta 100 as backup, but I didn’t shoot any of it.

I was a mess that day. It was mostly calm, but I found about partway through my walk I’d failed to load a roll of Ortho 25 correctly, and then scrambled to run back and re-shoot all the images I thought I’d shot. It was one of the first times I was really glad I didn’t bring my Pentax 6x7 with me.

I think and the gardens it captures is one of my better expressions or renderings from my Grief Year. I’ve organized the photos loosely into blocks of garden, and order which I walked through the gardens.

The light that day, or at that time was wonderful. I know these are all black and white, but really, I feel that it seeps through. This next set is from the mansion itself, and the most adjacent gardens.

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If this set does well. I have a sequel set of images from another trip to the Huntington, I’d like to share.